Meet Our Importers


Maverick Importers have been selected because of a shared commitment to represent and distribute only wines of the finest quality possessing an authentic connection to their place of origin. Education drives our interest in representing these specialized collections of global importance. Please ask any of the Maverick team for additional information.

Corso Selections – ( Michael Corso Selections is a Chicago based French wine importer that offers the expertise of over 35 years of experience in the wine trade. Michael works predominantly with small, family domaines -- vignerons who are keenly aware of the patrimony of the land that they will pass on to their children and grandchildren. Hence, many of the wines that he selects are produced organically, most are from sustainable farming and all are made with a respect for quality and for their expression of place. Noted Brands: LaPierre, Raspail-Ay, Parent, Jacques Girardin, Noblet, Eulalie, Joseph Perrier

European Cellars/Eric Solomon Selections- ( Eric was hailed as one of the most influential people in the wine business by Robert Parker in his 20th Anniversary issue of the Wine Advocate. Eric specializes in wines from Spain and France with selections that represent characteristics true to their region. Noted Brands: Evodia, D’Andezon, Novellum, LaFage, Marcoux, La Garrigue, Castano, Capcanes, Burgans, Pesquie, Janasse.

Global Vineyards - ( A national importer with distribution in over 40 states whose mission is to import the very best appellation-based wines, with a focus on emerging varietals and small, family-owned properties from Chile and Argentina. Noted Brands: Maquis Calcu and Lien, Apaltagua, Domus Aurea, Kuyen, Antiyal, Ricardo Santos, Tercos, William Cole

Louis /Dressner Selections - ( When asked to sum up his life's work in two sentences Joe Dressner replied that it's not about him or the next great thing but it's about his growers. These growers are a unique group of vignerons that have come together to form the premiere natural wine portfolio in the United States. For those looking for wines that are harvested by hand, fermented with natural yeasts and not manipulated in the cellar, look no further. Noted Brands: Domaine de Bongran, Emmanuel Houillon, Arianna Occhipinti, Elisabetta Foradori, Clos Rougeard

Martine’s Wines - ( Martine Saunier was the first woman to establish a wine importing company (1979) in the United States. The portfolio is dominated by French wine with an emphasis on Burgundy. Wines from Portugal, Austria and Spain are also represented. Noted Brands: Chateau Rayas, Domaine Leroy, Georges Vernay, Emmanuel Rouget, Georges Jayer, Perrot-Minot, Chateau Gilette, Niepoort, Diebolt-Vallois and many others.

Massanois Importer’s, LLC - ( Massanois is a new broker project born out of the prestigious Sherbrooke Cellars Distribution company in New York. Noted Brands: Aldo Conterno, Viticcio, Sportoletti, Maccario and Sartarelli.

Meadowbank, Empson - ( Neil Empson has always been connected to his “Kiwi” roots and Meadowbank Estates represents his commitment to import the finest offerings from his native New Zealand, along with great estates from Australia. He has carefully cultivated a portfolio inclusive of only the top estates and winemakers from each region. Noted Brands: Escarpment, Over the Edge, Pegasus Bay, Seven Terraces

Old Bridge Cellars - ( A portfolio filled with a group of Australian winemakers who retain their belief in artisan winemaking and respecting the land with minimal intervention in the winery. All wines remain true to the soils from which they come. Noted Brands: Plantagenet, Brokenwood, Kilikanoon

Rudi Wiest Selections- ( Rudi Wiest turned his “hobby” into a full-fledged business in 1978. In the September 2005 issue of Alles Uber Wein (Germany’s pre-eminent wine magazine) there was an article about Rudi Wiest Selections titled “Mr German Wine”. They are quoted as saying “Rudi Wiest is one of the most important, and some say the most important, importer of German wines in the United States”. Also, “Rudi Wiest – a pioneer, a visionary and tireless crusader for German wine.” Noted brands: Gunderloch, Fritz Haag, Joh. Jos. Prum, Schafer-Frohlich, Schloss Lieser, Monchhof.

Select Fine Wines Brokers - ( An importer and U.S. Agent that manages the importation, distribution and marketing of fine quality wines in the Unites States. All wines are hand picked for quality and value before being placed into the market with fine wine wholesalers in key markets. Noted Brands: Babich, Odfjell, Desierto, Molto Malbec

Southern Starz Inc. - ( Specialists in wines from the Southern Hemisphere: Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa. Consistent amongst each of their wine regions, the Southern Starz portfolio offers some of the finest quality with extraordinary value amongst competitors. Noted Brands: Nugan Estate, Bleasdale, Finlayson Family Wines, Black Pearl, R Buller, Tait, Vina Alicia

Vias Importers, Ltd. - ( Founded in 1983 by partner and Chairman, Fabrizio Pedrolli, Vias Imports has grown to be regarded as one of the most renowned Italian Importers working in the United States. Fabrizio was General Secretary of the International Association of Sommeliers for many years. He continues to be a respected member of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture tasting commission, responsible for D.O.C. wines. He is recognized for his in-depth wine knowledge and fine palate, and has been instrumental in putting together a distinguished portfolio representing some of the finest, small wineries in Italy. Noted Brands: Terredora di Paolo, Bisol, Cantele, Produttori, Argiano

World Premiere Wines - ( South African wines that are handcrafted and held to high standards of quality and value and have a specific story to tell. Noted brands: Cederberg, Paul Cluver, Fairvalley, Jardin, Bradgate, Vinum Africa